hoerthoert 2014 – Festival für Zuhörkultur – 23.-24. Mai 2014

Right after the first hoerthoert – Festival, that took place in May 2013, ended, the members of hoerthoert, a registered society that is part of the Listen Closely Family, decided that the Festival has to happen again.

In the last year a lot of things happened on Listen Closely, we celebrate 7 new Releases, 5 of them will present their new Tunes and CD during the Festival. As Guests we have the Philipp Harnisch Quartet, the Septett GNIGLER, Para, Sweet & Lovely and Mira Lu Kovacs/David Six. Wenzl Dnatek and Matador couldn’t make it to the festival due to other obligations.

The Lineup is quite diverse and very promising. We have got everything ranging from a Duo to a Septett, Free Improvisation, Modern Jazz to Spoken Word.

Don’t miss this, it’s going to be really good!


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Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch.

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hoerthoert – Festival für Zuhörkultur – 10.-11. Mai 2013

Vor etwas über einem Jahr habe ich mein Label Listen Closely gegründet. In diesem einen Jahr habe ich darauf 6 verschiedene Bands veröffentlicht, na gut, die erste war meine eigene, aber immerhin.

Anfang dieses Jahres haben die Bandleader dieser ersten Releases, den Plattformgedanken, den ich auch immer schon im Hinterkopf hatte, in eine Form gegoßen “hoerthoert – Verein für Zuhörkultur”.

Gemeinsam haben wir “hoerthoert – Festival für Zuhörkultur” geplant und organisiert. Einerseits ist dieses das erste gemeinsame “Ding” das wir mit
hoerthoert gemeinsam auf die Beine stellen, was extrem viel Freude bereitet, andererseits ist das Festival auch die erste Geburtstagsfeier meines Labels, was mir noch mal extrem viel Freude bereitet.

Also: Listen Closely präsentiert (Fanfaren und ähnliches bitte vorstellen):

hoerthoert – Festival für Zuhörkultur

10. und 11. Mai 2013
Brick5, Fünfhausgasse 5, 1150 Wien
Einlass jeweils ab 19:00h
Beginn 20:00h

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Miniportrait in the Concerto

Miniportrait in the Concerto:

Ehrlich und authentisch
Werner Zangerle

On August 27th this year, Werner Zangerle tweeted: “This may be completely subjective, but: saxophone makes you happy.” The native of Salzurg lives in Vienna and received most of his musical education in Linz, where he among other things he studied with Florian Bramböck, Harry Sokal and Christoph Cech. He is not only an accomplished instrumentalist on tenor sax, as he proves on “Panto”, the latest CD of his quartet with Matthias Löscher (g), Matthias Pichler (b) and Klemens Marktl (dr).
“Panto” is the Greek word for “whole, encompassing” and the title of the nearly 12-minute, central composition on the CD, this piece is an example of to the melodic and atmospheric modern jazz, Zangerle is comitted to: onomatopoetic, with a narrating saxophone sound and a clear dramaturgy.
In 2006 , together with Bernd Satzinger and Peter Kronreif, Werner Zangerle released the quartets debut “Nucleus”. “Panto” has been published this year on the newly selffounded label Listenclosely. The saxophonist, however, is also involved in other bands such as the free-jazz quartet Braaz or Memplex, the quintet of drummer Niki Dolp. Answering a question about the common denominator for all these projects, he answered simply: “Improvising is extremely important to me, and that has to come across with honesty and authenticity.” – Martin Schuster, Concerto Oktober 2012

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Panto in the freiStil magazine

Panto CD-Review in the freiStil:

Listen Closely / Trost
Werner Zangerle (ts), Matthias Löscher (g), Matthias Pichler (b), Klemens Marktl (dr)

Werner Zangerle, der sympathische und umtriebige Tenorsaxofonist, hat ein eigenes Label gegründet (Listen Closely) und mit einem talentierten Haufen heimischer junger Musiker auch gleich einen hübschen Tonträger eingespielt. Vor allem, er kann Stücke schreiben. Alle Nummern sind aus seiner Feder, sind fein zusammengereimt und blitzsauber intoniert. Ein wenig traditionell vielleicht. Das überrascht, weil man den Saxofonisten auch in anderem Kontext kennt, mehr als Suchenden. Hier verlässt er das sichere Terrain des zeitgenössischen Jazz nicht wirklich. Das ändert nichts dran, dass die Musik sehr schön ist, und die erstklassig besetzte Band belegt, dass der heimische Jazznachwuchs nicht von schlechten Eltern ist. (haun)

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Panto in the Jazzpodium

A CD-Review in the Jazzpodium:

Werner Zangerle

Listen Closely 01

Saxophonist Werner Zangerle has an interesting and unique concept. He also has a spiritual connection to the modern tradition as well as to his compatriot Hans Koller.
And his conception proves it to be absolutely contemporary, especially free from clichés as he demonstrates on his CD “Panto” with his very own compositions.

He was born in Salzburg, is now 33 years old and came to Vienna via Linz, where he also appears in the city’s leading club, the “Porgy & Bess” among others. The musician completed his studies with a thesis about the Tristano school, it does not lead him to a superficial attempt at revival or emulation. It is plausible, however, when listening to the songs on the CD, such as “spiral”, “It’s Getting Cold” or “Let Be Fools Fools”.

The music of the quartet with Matthias Löscher on guitar, Matthias Pichler on bass and Klemens Marktl on drums to Zangerles tenor saxophone, however, is a very modern kind of “cool”: It emphasizes the linear development, rather than relying on hypertrophic complexity focus is set on open, sensitive interaction. And the four musicians – which becomes clear when listening to the title track – didn’t fail to hear the musical developments since Free Jazz and Contemporary Postmodernism. – Günter Buhles, Jazzpodium 09/2012

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Panto in the Oberösterreichischen Nachrichten

Gig-Review of Panto:

Concert Review of a Panto concert:

Autstrian quartet of great quality
Zangerle is an extraordinarily talented guy, plays a beautifully soft, always elegant tenor and impresses as a brilliant tunesmith. This time mostly the new album was presented. Zangerles tunes are safe vehicles for extensive improvisational forays, span a wide range and provide ample room for the soloists. With guitarist Matthias Löscher, Matthias Pichler on bass and Klemens Marktl on drums, he has one of the best rhythm teams of recent austrian scene. A austrian quartet that has no need to shy away from international comparison.

OÖN Rating: six out of six stars
Christoph Haunschmid – Oberösterreichische Nachrichten, 16.52012

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Panto in the Kronen Zeitung

A review of “Panto” and of a concert we did in Wels.

Kritik in Kürze

Der Saxofonist und Komponist Werner Zangerle ist einer der agilsten Abgänger aus der Jazzsektion der Linzer Bruckneruni. Mit dem Tenorsaxofon stellte er in der Musikwerkstatt Wels seine aktuelle Position vor. Die musikalische Affinität zum gitarristen Matthias Löscher führt in seinen bildreichen und farbvollen Kompositionen zu korrespondierenden Improvisationen. Mit Walter Singer am Bass und Klemens Marktl am Schlagzeug spinnt sich das Quartett in einen kammermusikalischen Rahmen ein, der “Blaue Stunden” ausgeglichener Harmonie und Stimmung bringt. Nachzuhören ist das alles auf der brandneuen CD “Panto”, die soeben bei Zangerles eigenem Label “Listen Closely” erschienen ist. – Peter Baumann, Neue Kronen Zeitung, 26.4.2012

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New CD PANTO released

Finally! My new CD PANTO i recorded with my quartet is finally released!

It has bee nearly a year since the record session last may at Werner Angerer’s Studio in Stockerau, where Werner also did the mixing and the mastering. Thanks to Werner Angere the CD sounds just great. Actually, also my Bandmembers contributed to the great sound, i’m really happy to have Matthias Löscher (git), Matthias Pichler (b) and Klemens Marktl as my Band.

I’m really happy. On one it es nearly 5 years since my first CD Nucleus. This one is also the first release on my own label Listen Closely .

My sister Anna Zangerle did the Artwork, I think it’s fantastic with what she came up with.

As already told we’ll present the CD in April and May in Austria, there are two gigs in August and more is in the works.

You can buy the physical CD here, you can also listen to it here and buy it digitaly.

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PANTO – First Review on musicaustria.at

My new CD is finished. Just in time for the Release-Tour next week a very favourable Review came out on musicaustria.at. It’s in german though.

Wonderfully refreshing, beautifull playful, immensely varied and virtuosic jazz, exactly this kind of jazz you can hear while listening to Werner Zangerles new CD “Panto”. Together with his three colleagues the native of Salzburg gives rise to highly varied and immensely evocative pieces in which melody, harmony and the complexity of jazz complement each other in a wonderful and especially fascinating light-footed way.
Together with his ensemble consisting of Matthias Löscher (guitar), Matthias Pichler (bass) and Klemens Marktl (drums) the sometimes experimental saxophonist creates a tonal language, which is mainly of a uncommon vitality. Zangerle nearly effortlessly circumnavigates all the dangers of being to intellectual and inaccesible, in this way he creates immensely evocative pieces that are bursting with ideas, wonderful melodies and surprising twists from the first to the last note.

You can read the whole Review right here.

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