My new CD is finished
Just in time for the Release-Tour next week a very favourable Review came out on It’s in german though.

Wonderfully refreshing, beautifull playful, immensely varied and virtuosic jazz, exactly this kind of jazz you can hear while listening to Werner Zangerles new CD “Panto”. Together with his three colleagues the native of Salzburg gives rise to highly varied and immensely evocative pieces in which melody, harmony and the complexity of jazz complement each other in a wonderful and especially fascinating light-footed way.
Together with his ensemble consisting of Matthias Löscher (guitar), Matthias Pichler (bass) and Klemens Marktl (drums) the sometimes experimental saxophonist creates a tonal language, which is mainly of a uncommon vitality. Zangerle nearly effortlessly circumnavigates all the dangers of being to intellectual and inaccesible, in this way he creates immensely evocative pieces that are bursting with ideas, wonderful melodies and surprising twists from the first to the last note.

You can read the whole Review right here.