Finally! My new CD PANTO i recorded with my quartet is finally released!

It has bee nearly a year since the record session last may at Werner Angerer’s Studio in Stockerau, where Werner also did the mixing and the mastering. Thanks to Werner Angere the CD sounds just great. Actually, also my Bandmembers contributed to the great sound, i’m really happy to have Matthias Löscher (git), Matthias Pichler (b) and Klemens Marktl as my Band.

I’m really happy. On one it es nearly 5 years since my first CD Nucleus. This one is also the first release on my own label Listen Closely .

My sister Anna Zangerle did the Artwork, I think it’s fantastic with what she came up with.

As already told we’ll present the CD in April and May in Austria, there are two gigs in August and more is in the works

You can buy the physical CD here, you can also listen to it here and buy it digitaly.