A CD-Review in the Jazzpodium:

Werner Zangerle

Listen Closely 01

Saxophonist Werner Zangerle has an interesting and unique concept. He also has a spiritual connection to the modern tradition as well as to his compatriot Hans Koller.
And his conception proves it to be absolutely contemporary, especially free from clichés as he demonstrates on his CD “Panto” with his very own compositions.

He was born in Salzburg, is now 33 years old and came to Vienna via Linz, where he also appears in the city’s leading club, the “Porgy & Bess” among others. The musician completed his studies with a thesis about the Tristano school, it does not lead him to a superficial attempt at revival or emulation. It is plausible, however, when listening to the songs on the CD, such as “spiral”, “It’s Getting Cold” or “Let Be Fools Fools”.

The music of the quartet with Matthias Löscher on guitar, Matthias Pichler on bass and Klemens Marktl on drums to Zangerles tenor saxophone, however, is a very modern kind of “cool”: It emphasizes the linear development, rather than relying on hypertrophic complexity focus is set on open, sensitive interaction. And the four musicians – which becomes clear when listening to the title track – didn’t fail to hear the musical developments since Free Jazz and Contemporary Postmodernism. – Günter Buhles, Jazzpodium 09/2012

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