Miniportrait in the Concerto:

Ehrlich und authentisch
Werner Zangerle

On August 27th this year, Werner Zangerle tweeted: “This may be completely subjective, but: saxophone makes you happy.” The native of Salzurg lives in Vienna and received most of his musical education in Linz, where he among other things he studied with Florian Bramböck, Harry Sokal and Christoph Cech. He is not only an accomplished instrumentalist on tenor sax, as he proves on “Panto”, the latest CD of his quartet with Matthias Löscher (g), Matthias Pichler (b) and Klemens Marktl (dr).
“Panto” is the Greek word for “whole, encompassing” and the title of the nearly 12-minute, central composition on the CD, this piece is an example of to the melodic and atmospheric modern jazz, Zangerle is comitted to: onomatopoetic, with a narrating saxophone sound and a clear dramaturgy.
In 2006 , together with Bernd Satzinger and Peter Kronreif, Werner Zangerle released the quartets debut “Nucleus”. “Panto” has been published this year on the newly selffounded label Listenclosely. The saxophonist, however, is also involved in other bands such as the free-jazz quartet Braaz or Memplex, the quintet of drummer Niki Dolp. Answering a question about the common denominator for all these projects, he answered simply: “Improvising is extremely important to me, and that has to come across with honesty and authenticity.” – Martin Schuster, Concerto Oktober 2012

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