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hoerthoert 2014 – Festival für Zuhörkultur – 23.-24. Mai 2014

Right after the first hoerthoert – Festival, that took place in May 2013, ended, the members of hoerthoert, a registered society that is part of the Listen Closely Family, decided that the Festival has to happen again. In the last year a lot of things happened on Listen Closely, we celebrate 7 new Releases, 5 [...]

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Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch.

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hoerthoert – Festival für Zuhörkultur – 10.-11. Mai 2013


Vor etwas über einem Jahr habe ich mein Label Listen Closely gegründet. In diesem einen Jahr habe ich darauf 6 verschiedene Bands veröffentlicht, na gut, die erste war meine eigene, aber immerhin. Anfang dieses Jahres haben die Bandleader dieser ersten Releases, den Plattformgedanken, den ich auch immer schon im Hinterkopf hatte, in eine Form gegoßen [...]

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New CD PANTO released


Finally! My new CD PANTO i recorded with my quartet is finally released! It has bee nearly a year since the record session last may at Werner Angerer’s Studio in Stockerau, where Werner also did the mixing and the mastering. Thanks to Werner Angere the CD sounds just great. Actually, also my Bandmembers contributed to [...]

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Tourflyer Panto

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News about the upcoming CD “Panto”

The tunes we recorded in may were meanwhile mixed and masterd by Werner Angerer. My Sister Anna Zangerle will do the Artwork and i’m happily looking forward to it. We’ll release the eight newly recorded tracks on my own label “Listen Closely”. The CD will be presented on two Tours in April and May. Stay [...]

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Jazz Sessions at the Coco Club

edit: We stopped organizing the sessions in the end of 2011.

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For some time I’ve been involved in organizing concerts under the name Jazzdienst, which means something like Jazz Service. I’m Secretary in the registerd association and I’ve been helping with general organizing, eg. I’m writing our promotion texts. Bella Edlinger, the head of Jazzdienst, had been curating a series of concerts in the Rote Bar [...]

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Werner Zangerle 4 recording a new CD

After our Gig in Vienna, i shall have some video footage of them available soon, we spend some time with Werner Angerer in his Studio in Stockerau. We recorded 8 Tunes in two very intensive days. Thanks to Werner Angerer and my fellow musicians the tracks sound fantastic even as a rough mix. The CD [...]

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Bodo Hell & Braaz Videos

In Spring we did some Concerts/dramatic Readings with Author Bodo Hell. The texts that Bodo read were all more or less in the context of “ambiguous figure”. Beeing on stage with this collaboration was a very rewarding experience that i enjoyed greatly. Some Footage was recorded in Ottensheim, you can watch it on Youtube. Here [...]

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