Sweet & Lovely

Walter Singer : Bass
Niki Dolp : Drums
Werner Zangerle : Tenor- & Sopransaxophon

Web: sweetandlovelytrio.tumblr.com/

Booking: werner@wernerzangerle.com

Recordings: Heros

Werner Zangerle: saxes
Walter Singer: bass
Niki Dolp: drums

Web: sweetandlovelytrio.tumblr.com/

Bittersweet melodies, heroic grooves and darkly colored compositions – the trio Sweet & Lovely ambles at a truly laid-back pace through the vast universe of jazz. Timelessly sweet but lovingly rooted in the present moment.

Drummer Niki Dolp creates a heavy yet lyrical groove, his mallets gently kissing the drums. “It’s gonna be all right”, Werner Zangerle’s saxophone seems to be singing in a bittersweet voice of brittle cheerfulness, while the deep end of the new album “Heros” is covered by Walter Singer with a flurry of excited, gentle, stroking lows. However, a considerable amount of realism shines through some of the new compositions which are otherwise mostly showing a grainy black-and-white. Sometimes, the audience are pampered with sweets – it is obvious that these musicians care about people.

The involved musicians are simultaneously engaged in musically very divergent endeavours. The only other formation that has them performing together is the quintet Memplex.

Werner Zangerle plays his horns among others with the trio ZaVoCC and Wenzl Dnatek, and on a part time basis adds to the sound of the Indie rock band Valina. Walter Singer plays double bass with the band Schmieds Puls and is one of the initiators of the art/performance formation die_freakshow. Niki Dolp is the drummer of Arktis Air and participates in projects by D.ID Dance Identity.

With such a wide gamut of musical involvements, the focus these musicians achieve with this trio formation even without harmony accompaniment is truly extraordinary.

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