Werner Zangerle – Panto


Werner Zangerle: Tenorsaxophon
Matthias Löscher: Gitarre
Matthias Pichler: Kontrabass
Klemens Marktl: Schlagzeug


Rise and Fall – Spiral – Lamentation – Panto – Lucid – Let Fools be Fools – It’s getting cold – Valse Nouveau
Kompositionen von Werner Zangerle
Gesamtspielzeit: 53:44

Liner Notes:

Rise and Fall Referring to the fictitious film “Rise and Fall. The unglamorous story of…”
There is rising and falling happening within the melody. The melody, as well as the solos rise
out of the a bass interlude.
Spiral Here, the title is literal to its relationship to the melody. Short and sweet, the lines spiral
down and then back up.
Lamentation The title may suggest that this simple melody is about mourning. It was not
only this but the combination of the opposing emotions that inspired this tune. I ́ve always felt
this tune ́s subtitle to be: “Because Life is Just too Beautiful”.
Panto This greek prefix roughly translates as `whole ́ or `all encompassing ́. I wrote this tune
after listening excessively to several Paul Motian and Bill McHenry records. By the way, the
glass frames I wear are in the panto style.
Lucid I read about lucid dreams and instantly liked the word `Lucid ́ and its many meanings.
For me, this tune evokes an ambience of sober and luminous tranquility.
Let Fools be Fools Everyone has experienced disappointment caused by the actions of friends,
family or colleagues. There are some rare instances when the disappointment is so grave,
that there is little action to be taken, other than to turn your back and walk away from the
relationship. This tune is just about that.
It’s getting cold This is my truest attempt to write a `standard ́ Jazz Ballad. It has resulted with
people describing it as a soulful tune. Twice within it, are references to lyrics. With the first few
notes you can sing: `It ́s getting cold ́. In relation to that, within the same melodic motive, occurring a
little lower, can be sung a response: `You keep me warm ́. Imagine, a cold winter night, snuggling
by the fire, a good glass of red wine in one hand and your arm around your love.
Valse Nouveau If you are a native German speaker, and searching for song title, hoping to find
something `ubercool ́, you will most likely look to English. Should this fail, the next attempt is to
try something using French. French adds an air of bohemian distinction. This tune, if nothing else
features a lovely little melody, is a waltz and was new when it was written.


Artwork and Layout: Anna Zangerle

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